Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sengkang Forest

Reviving this blog, just to keep track of the stuff i've been seeing/learning. Critters seen in Sengkang forest the saturday that just passed. yet another unexplored area shared by sy.

Common Palm Dart (Telicota colon stinga)
A skipper recently re-instated to the Singapore butterfly list. As can be seen in this photo, skippers adopt unique basking postures: with the forewings open halfway and hindwings open fully.
Unknown moth
Kept thinking my photo was blur but it's just an effect of the moth scales.
Ricaniid planthopper (Ricanula stigmatica)
Cricket (Nisitrus vittatus)
Mini-watermelon! According to sy, Gymnopetalum sp.
more! :)
same plant with apparently ripened 'watermelons' - looking totally different

See Sy's blog for more of the plants seen.

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