Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Green Room Cafe

Decided to blog more about my road to vegetarianism. Have been being good, staying clear of fish and only eating meat maybe 3 meals a week. Confession - been indulging when doing outfield work. Excuse being it's easy to get hungry not eating meat when u do active stuff, plus it's damn paiseh to be the deciding factor of where to makan when the survey team is all so hungry by the middle of the day. But I have to find a way to get around this.

Other musings of a vegetarian noob: it's bloody inconvenient to be vegetarian when u're eating out. The few credible makan places I've gone to only have a small (usually pathetic) number of vegetarian options on their menu. So when H saw on today's Straits Times Life! that The Green Room Cafe was a 100% vegetarian restaurant and chill place to boot, we headed down immediately. It was right next to a really nice bar and I swear the area is a neighbourhood version of Dempsey. Not in the habit of bringing a camera everywhere i go so no personally taken photos, but here's some shots from the Cafe's website:

portobello field mushroom

Other vegetarian recommendations include the Cedele restaurant at Raffles City and vietnamese restaurant Va Va Voom at Seah Street opposite Raffles Hotel (though the later has only a few veg options).

Happy makaning!