Sunday, December 30, 2007

Story of Stuff

Great video on the world's consumption patterns.
buy buy buy.. definitely singaporean too.

*back blogged* read up on Buy Nothing Day here.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas at CJ

Had a special christmas this year helping Koksheng with his Chek Jawa mortality and recruitment project. Here's us toasting champagne on the intertidal. A memorable first for me. Glad kenny had the chance to see CJ for the first time too. Before this I haven't been to Ubin for the longest time, so even though I was told the diversity of CJ critters has gone down due to lower salinity, the variety of stuff I saw was still exciting - to me la.

We (Liana, me, Kenny, Shuyi) had a fun time surveying peacock anemones, with Liana being the head peacock molester. Other great sightings include a cake seastar, gazillion common seastars and sand stars, flowercrabs - and more that I couldn't take photos of coz I stupidly brought a full SD card. grrr.. anyhow.. will upload pix when dear JUAN has time to pass me photos. :) meanwhile, check out KS's collage of the day's survey here and Shuyi's photos here.

P.S.: anyone wanna go Penggarang to cycle? :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

*back blogged*

VideoJug: How To Have A Green Christmas

Christmas time.. time to share our love.. *in the tune of cheesy Backstreetboys song* - yes la.. that was my era.

Tis the season for the retail pple to hear the cash registers ring with big spenders buying all kinds of unnecessary gifts and way too much christmas food. While squeezing my way through the throngs of last minute gift shoppers (all who think SG has way too many pple say 'ay!'. AYYY!!!) in vivocity this weekend, couldn't help but wonder how many Singaporeans think about the amount of wastage we create every christmas. ehem, do remember that Singapore is the ONLY country in the world that dedicates an entire island just for waste disposal.

I guess for me personally it's easy to pull out the 'green' card coz my family and even among friend I don't really have the whole big gift exchange thing gg on. It also helps that I like making/ baking (gingerbreadman!) my own gifts and my family has started getting conscious about not buying too much food for this years christmas dinner - for example, leave out the weird tasting varieties of ham that no one touched last year and get only the family favourite. But hey I don't think it's THAT hard to make a little effort in making your holiday season a little more Earth-friendly.. Read some green christmas ideas here and here.

Think the underlying principle should be this.. 'want not, waste not.'

Merry yuletide.. and in the words of my aussie friends.. stay greeen!