Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bye bye bluefin...

Saw this comic on ConservationBytes blog and felt it apt to post given the recent news on the failed bid on the international trade ban of bluefin. a pretty optimistic view of the issue has been posted on Grist. I quote:
"Thursday's vote puts the fate of Atlantic bluefin tuna back in the hands of International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas , the very body that drove the species to the disastrous state it is now in, but also the body that rebuilt North Atlantic swordfish to a sustainable level in less than 10 years, ahead of the rebuilding deadline. Also, remember: it is the consumer in the global market economy who has turned the bluefin into a prestige product -- and thus given fisherman an overwhelming incentive to overfish it."
Although, the skeptic in me wonders if it's possible for Japanese (or Asians for that matter) to ever decrease their consumption of the fish. will be more hopeful if there's a proper response to the dolphin slaughtering highlighted by the cove. let's wait and see..