Saturday, March 28, 2009

Manado VS Singapore

Manado trip was great, with tonnes of exotic critters.. including mimic octopus! *BIG FAT GRIN*. THEN when I showed my pix to colleague M, she commented that many of these critters can be seen in Singapore. !!! I knew we had an amazing variety of nudibranchs but, Singaporean dragonets and Singaporean bobtail squid? COOLIO! and I thought the only similarity between Lembeh and Singapore was the muck.

Gorgeous dragonet from Koksheng's blog. 
Cyrene 2008
and other dragonets found in Changi, Cyrene and Semakau here.

Boxcrab (from Lembeh). Was so  excited to see it. 
and we have it on mainland Singapore!

Longspine scorpionfish (from Lembeh)
for the Singaporean longspine.. click here

Seamoth!!! (from Lembeh)
seasonally abundant on Chek Jawa!

Bobtail squid at Pulau Hantu!!!
from Hantu blog 2004

Semakau 2008
Was looking for the new species found by Blue Tempeh in 2006
but sadly, the photo is no longer online. 

Other of my Manado sightings found locally include Solefish, Frogfish, Crocodile fish /flathead. Of course, there's also the commonly sighted pufferfish, filefish, butterflyfish, octopii, and the list goes on...